The Power of Partnership


Relations between the UK and China are cordial, with the support of government and the business sector, bilateral trade between the UK and China has been increasing rapidly.

The advantage of ABP International Alliance is the “Can-do” spirit and the relentless effort in creating and seeking business opportunity.

Since 2014, ABP International Alliance has formed strategic partnership with a variety of business support organisation in Britain and China; many British and Chinese enterprises have joined the Alliance.

Strategic Partners are people and organisations who share the Alliance’s vison and objectives but who are not directly involved in carving out business opportunities for themselves but instead are working to try to assist ABP International Alliance members to collaborate and win new contracts and extend their reach.

One of the greatest strengths of the Alliance is bringing businesses together from the UK and China so they can learn from each other and assist each other and with the ultimate aim of identifying and creating business opportunities by working together in partnership. In the months ahead, Alliance members can use this section to promote their businesses, to seek funding partners and to find overseas suppliers.

Strategic Partners