Upcoming Activities

Partnership grows from communications. Networking is a key feature of the activities, and providing the tools for “revolutionary business innovation” is the Alliance’s core objective.

The Alliance aims to provide ongoing and sustainable platforms for productive business exchange through setting up UK China Trade Centre and Business Mentoring Programme, and organising a series of planned and regularly held debates, conferences, and lively business discussions.

Image shows the Union and Chinese Flags together.
UK-China investment advisory committee hearings

The Alliance will bring experts together from a wide range of sectors to form a UK-China Investment Advisory Committee, assisting interested enterprises to break down barriers to business expansion in a series of hearings regularly held in China and the UK.

Opening of UK-China trade centre

The Trade Centre planned to open in 2015 will create an invaluable channel for enterprises to find new suppliers and potential business partners in the UK. In addition, there will be a large-scale UK-China Trade Fair held annually in London from 2016.

Specialised business summits

Regularly held Summits are designed for experts from diverse professional backgrounds – such as economists, cultural critics, artists, social entrepreneurs – to discuss cutting-edge, high-tech topics in order to inspire and create the forward momentum for “revolutionary business innovation”.

Business forum

A succession of forums will encourage UK and China enterprises to communicate with each other. These informal but dynamic platforms create numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate and initiate innovative business projects together.

Business leaders mentoring scheme

The ABP Alliance is launching a Mentoring Scheme through which the Chairmen and Chief Executives of UK and China businesses give and receive one-to-one advice from the heads of experienced international companies to assist them to navigate business and cultural challenges.

International directory of business

The Alliance will publish the first edition of the Directory, presenting an up-to-date guide of international businesses exporting to China and other destinations. This reliable tool is for enterprises to find new contracts, supply chains and business opportunities.

“Boardroom direct” graduate programme

Dedicated to help develop tomorrow’s business leaders, the Graduate Programme will involve a panel of experienced entrepreneurs, who will advise on the strongest ideas from talented graduates, and a Career Consultancy Committee, which will encourage graduates to take inspiring business career paths.